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    The Petrovic CFIDS Health Center (formerly Longevitas Health Center) international web sites was first launched in the USA in 1995 , as one the world's first web sites on CFIDS. It is also one of the most comprehensive sites on CFIDS and the most effective and curative treatment for Chronic Fatigue Immundysfuntion Syndrome.

    Dr Nash Petrovic M.D. was the first physician and medical researcher in the world to launch his novel free radical etiological concept of chronic Fatigue Syndrome as an operative clinical and therepeutical basis for treatment of CFIDS/ME.

    Based on this concept the original modality of the CFIDS Treatment Protocol for post viral and other forms of chronic fatigue was formulated according to the best pharmaceutical standards in 1994.

    The current modality of the Protocol contains a very high number of synergistic components and is the world's most successful and comprehensive treatment for Chronic Fatigue Immunodysfunction Syndrome. This highly effective treatment that is based on a revolutionary, molecular therapeutical concept is many technological years ahead in comparison with any other protocol or treatment approach for CFIDS that are developed in the USA or EU.

    New research clearly demonstrates that this Protocol is also the most effective immunomodulatory therapeutical approach. Apart of impressive clinical reversal of CFIDS, The Petrovic CFIDS Protocol was found to be highly effective in patients suffering from various auto-immune entities as well. Impressive curative effects ans most encouraging therapeutical responsese are observed in patients with auto-immune diseases such as Chron's disease, Ulcerative Collitis and Lupus Erythematosus as well as in all categories of patients with impaired and dysfunctional immune responses, inclusive of patients with asthma and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome).

    Due to its regenerative and energising effects, the CFIDS Protocol is also the most potent age retarding procedure that is suitable for use by top athletes, active business people, models and actors as well as for all other professionals and generally speaking, all individuals who wish to keep their optimal energy level, young appearance and optimal professional performance for many years ahead or who wish to reverse the effects of aging.

    With his 28 years of intensive research and clinical experience in the field and clinical experience in the field of cellular regeneration, immunology and free radical induced diseases and 14 years of clinical experience in treating CFIDS and various auto-immune entities, Dr Nash Petrovic is a top rated physician and medical expert whose expertise saved numerous lives in the USA, RSA, Australia, UK and other countries. World's most spectacular recoveries from CFIDS have been reported on the Petrovic CFIDS Protocol, such as complete recoveries of bedridden CFIDS patients referred by Medical University in Pretoria, sensational recoveries of UK patients who were interviewed on BBC Panorama channel, recoveries of children with CFIDS who re-gained the gift of life on the Protocol as well as recoveries of Hollywood celebrities.

    The new 2006 Washington Medical School report enlists Dr Nash Petrovic M.D. as a top rated CFIDS physician in the USA and rest of the world.

    Dr Petrovic is a man of vision whose talent and determination resulted in discovery of new, highly effective and advanced medical and therapeutical technologies that have already opened new frontiers of molecular medicine and revolutionized approach to degenerative diseases. Welcome to the world of exciting medical research, world of hope and ultimate therapeutical success

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