Dr Terence A. Kilroe-Smith

Biographical Notes

  • March 1945 BSc (Wits)
  • March 1948 BSc (Hons) (Wits)
  • March 1950 PhD (Wits)
  • Dec 1982 Dip. Datametric (Unisa) With Distinction

Research Career

  • Jan 1950 Chemist, Transvaal Chamber of Mines
  • Dec 1959 Head of Department of Timber and Biochemistry, S.A.
  • Chamber of Mines Research Laboratory
  • April 1965 Head of Department of Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Toxicology, CSIR Pneumoconiosis Research Unit
  • April 1973 Head of Biochemistry and Toxicology, Research Department of the Medical Research Council of the National Research Institute for Occupational Diseases
  • April 1973 Simultaneously appointed Honorary Lecturer, Department of Biochemistry, Wits Medical School
  • 1985Appointed Chief Specialist Medical Natural Scientist (CSMNR) (Head of Department in the above post)
  • July 1990 Retired according to statute, age 65
  • 01.08.1990- Continued working as Head of Department until 31.03.1993 retrenched by new Government. As no single individual was deemed capable to carry on Dr Smith's previous work in two sections (Research and Analytical Chemistry), his previous post was filled by two individuals.
  • 1999 - Working on laboratory diagnostics/methodology for variants of CFIDS and on specifics of the urinary markers of several sub-types of the Chronic Fatigue Immuno Dysfunction Syndrome


During his 43 years of research, Dr T.A. Kilroe-Smith published 86 papers in prestigious overseas journals, and presented 25 papers at various national and international scientific conferences.

Subjects covered in these papers include:

  • Analytical Chemistry of Biochemical Substances
  • Enzymology of Silicosis
  • Biochemistry of Asthma, including L1 Antitrypsin and L2 Macroglobulin
  • Genetic Variations in L1 Antitrypsin related to various races in South Africa and Asthma
  • Identification of Free Radicals produced by Asbestos and Silica, and the Relationship to Pleural Cancer (Mesothelioma). This work was carried out in 1985 and 1986, and presented at an international conference in Australia in 1987
  • Toxicity of Lead, Aluminium, Cadmium, Mercury and Manganese in Industry.

Dr Kilroe-Smith has, in addition, supervised post-graduate work at the University of the Witwatersrand. 3 MSc's, 3 PhD's; and for the University of Pretoria, 3 DSc's.

Contact Details

Registered Medical Scientist
Registration Number 0006688
Tel no. 27 11 792-4623 (South Africa)
email: kilroe@hotmail.com

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