New therapeutical success on the CFIDS Protocol in Australia!

From: Margaret Lambert

Well hello stranger! Lovely to hear from you.
I am doing very well and am living a very full life again, thank you.

Last year I completed my Honours degree in Psychology and now I am working as a Psychologist. I work 3 days a week as set work times at the Sexual Assault Referral Centre, counselling victims of rape, and the other 2 days a week I work at my own practice, Connect Counselling Services, which is more flexible in the work times. Sometimes I do after hours on-call work as well, in both work settings. And I am able to have a social life! I still find I need to watch the amount of energy I expend, and I do not do a lot of exercise, although I am able to take a walk a few days a week. So all in all, I am fantastic!!!

It is so good to be enjoying life again. I am aware that I have written quite a bit towards a book on CFS and have not added to it in the last couple of years (last year taken up with study and this year enjoying life!). I wanted one of the first chapters of the book to be the medical version of CFS, and it's just occurred to me since receiving your email that you might be the perfect person to write it! I'm sure you have written about it so often anyway. So there's a proposal for you - do you want to co-author the book?? How about it? If you're interested we could talk some more about it. Just a thought - let me know. The book has been in the back of my mind for some time and I really do mean to get back to it sometime.

My daughter Rebecca (your fan!) is at boarding school in Adelaide. She is 15 now and last year she won a scholarship to a school in Adelaide, for her final 3 years of schooling. This is her first year there and she loves it and is doing well.

Well it was really great to hear from you Nash. I hope everything is going well with you and your family. One day I may get to SA, or you may get to Darwin!

Kind regards

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